A Company that specializes in providing tourism services and has a great experience and occupies a leading position and innovative in the field of tourism.
We built our reputation through following serious steps and documentation by presenting the best services to our clients.
We have made our customers a number one in the region and our services are constantly working around the day in providing our programs both internal and external tourism or religious tourism .
We are always pleased our clients by excellence and confidence during providing our client by the service and the follow up in order to provide the best service.

Why We Are Different

Action incorporation

Action Tours is not just an organizer of tourism programs, but we Action Tours shows tourism in a different way and creates a world of well-being that deserves to be discovered 

Action has been founded in 2006, its birth may be not long ago, but it is one of Dreamers Tours Companies which has a wide fame in tourism field throughout the last 40 years

Hence, it was the birth of Action to contain a mixture of past experience, well-being and the speed of the present that makes your tourist destination easier and better

Speaks your language

In order to serve our clients, it was necessary to have Action team that can communicate in different languages because it is the only way to ensure that our customers are satisfied, so that we can find the best ways to rest and reach the highest degree of dedication in the service of our customers.


One of the tools that contributed to forming the individuality of Action Tours is the flexibility in transactions with our customers by providing services and tourism programs in different forms to serve groups or individuals without restrictions to acheive what is appropriate for them as quality and performance in providing our tourism programs through Action Team Whose priority is to provide the best service and adapt to customer requirements


Action takes care of all the details that make your destination more distinctive and the most prominent details is the privacy either in general term through the creation of your own program and through the request for individual bookings or in more accurate term that to be member within the group

This is reflected in our role in providing the service in a way that is priority to the requests of our customers through professional guides with a keen interest in providing the best services in the easiest ways

Safety and Security

We Action Tours cares about safety and security element as it is one of the obvious elements that man seeks in his life, so we had to pay attention to this element to make your tourism destination safe by doing all necessary precautionary measures and all security procedures in the itinerary.The supervisor will be Action Team that will modify the program data to avoid any inconvenience that may occur during your visit to us

Customer service

In the service of our customers we have always been keen to answer your questions and inquiries through the presence of our team around the clock during the week to communicate with the customers through our website or e-mail or any of the social media tools with a guarantee to meet all the needs of the customers as soon as possible

Value of time and money

We believe in the value of time and money that the individual abandons in order to enjoy and change the lifestyle routine through a journey from which draws new energy to help him continue his life matters, so we focus our attention to make your destination designed in a way that does not waste your time and gives you the joy to exploit every minute also gives you the feeling of satisfaction that you have spent your money in the right place which deserves it in order to achieve our goal of providing service and quality to our customers more valuable than what they have spent.


Credibility was and still of the attributes which we charactrized during our work journey, in which the efforts were converged, the goals were defined, the ideas were gathered and the possibilities were exploited, so the promise of implementing all the commitments was as it should have been.